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10 Banigan Dr, East York, ON M4H 1E9, Canada

(416) 421-1200



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A definition of unprofessional company , after agreeing on the price and date , I received the txt msg at 12:30 pm the day before the staging ant a request for the payment , by the time I contacted them at 6 pm , the owner Carmen is telling she will not start the work till she get paid and I said why didn't you say so 5 Arya ago ? Then I said ok and here is my credit card , she took the number and send me this msg 5 min after "I wasn't trying to be difficult. I did send you a message at 12:30 today. You are just getting back to me know." And I replied with "Doesn't mater, if you are going to delay someone's work you should at least give them a call or two , pls get it done on time" And she replied with this at 8 pm of the night before staging "This relationship is just not working for me. I discussed in depth my issues with builders last week and I thought you understood. I should not have had to chase you for money today based on our discussion last week. And now repremanding me for bad business practice is just not sitting well with me. Please find another staging company to work with." Avoid this company at all cost! Unprofessional is the least I can say!

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Stage-Right Interiors

10 Banigan Dr, East York, ON M4H 1E9, Canada
(416) 421-1200

Stage-Right Interiors

10 Banigan Drive, East York, ON M4H 1E9, Canada
(416) 421-1200